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This basic program trains participants to be Lactation Specialists and to obtain the most up-to-date information in the lactation field. The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) program uses criteria research based information to substantiate the information and training the student receives and therefore gives consistency to patient education and recommendations.

This training is an excellent opportunity for front line staff such as postpartum nurses, labor & delivery nurses, or WIC personnel to obtain consistent and clinically appropriate information for basic patient education.

Nurses who work with mothers, babies, and families often extend their skills by becoming lactation specialists. This 2 day training program may meet the requirement for staff training for the baby friendly applicant hospital.

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What about certification?

Lactation Specialist is not a certification or certificated program.

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Employment or job opportunities and pay scale

Generally Lactation Specialists are already employed by a facility, hospital, clinic, or WIC agency. This program is brought to an area for specific training.

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On-site programs

The Lactation Specialist on-site programs offered by UC San Diego Extension can come to your location. These programs are tailored to the audience or area that makes the request and joint ventures with UC San Diego Extension. The requirements of the hosting facility or organization are to provide meeting space, audio-visual support. To meet the BFHI requirement the facility may need to provide assistance with clinical placement for student observations of a lactation consultant or lactation specialist.

Course requirements (on-site)

Class attendance is mandatory.

Assignments include but may not be limited to:

1. Counseling problems (4-6 total)
2. Common Myths Assignment
3. Baby Friendly Hospital criteria requires a minimum of 4 hours of clinical for mother baby staff

Time Requirements (on-site)

Class didactic: 16 hours (2 days)

Textbooks: Not required

Credits and CEU’s:

Other Credit: BRN, RD: 18 CE Hrs.

Course Number: RMED-40010   Credit: 1.5 units

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Online Program

This 20 hour course meets the academic training requirement of Step 2 of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative for staff. There is an additional BFHI requirement of 4 hours of clinical that would be provided by the hospital or facility. Lactation Specialist is cutting edge information and practical techniques and tools for the bedside staff to assist moms and babies with breastfeeding. Subjects covered include staff training objectives and content outline as defined by Baby Friendly USA, Inc. This course is offered every quarter.

Note: Students have one quarter to complete the course.

Other Credit: BRN, RD: 20 CE Hrs.

Course Number: RMED-40018   Credit: 2 units

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Become a program sponsor

Bring the UC San Diego Extension BFHI program to your facility: Process to sponsor BFHI course

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